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Your event photo booth

the photo booth, always fun

Whether is for your wedding, a birthday, a thematical party or a professional event, the SnapTouch photo booth has no limits: it does wonders in all situations and will delight your guests for relax, fun and memorable memories with friends or colleagues. Our customers have chosen the SnapTouch photo booth for their event in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, and more widely on the French Riviera and in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Wedding photo booth

Your wedding will be geniously memorable

Offer a fun photo booth animation to your guests to create unbeliveble memories, wheter the pose you strike is serious or fun: every guest will be able to go back to home with its printed photo, with this engraved in their minds... and you will have created good times between friends and with your families!

Birthday photo booth

One year more, with one thousand more memories

Celebrate an extra year must be done the right way: rent the SnapTouch photobooth to create memorable, fun or even crazy moments with friends, colleagues and family. There's nothing better than an easy-to-use interactive kiosk to take photos together and celebrate your age and maturity ... or not!

Party photo booth

With or without a theme, your party will be funnier

A good evening is an evening the guests remember for a long time... and what better than photos to immortalize this moment? Organize an original, creative and customizable activity based on your theme, with a few fun accessories, personalized prints and a photo booth backdrop customized with the party colors.

Professional event photo booth

Your event, under the spotlight

Organizing a professional event that marks the minds is not easy: consider renting the photobooth SnaptTouch to create originality, while offering to your guests the ability to associate a strong (and visual!) memory to your brand. Increase your event reach thanks to options designed to make your operation even more effective: getting emails, sharing on social networks or personalize to your image!

How our photo booth works?

rent, smile, click... and enjoy our photo booth!

Easy-to-use, you just have to strike a pose in front of the SnapTouch and go! It's up to you to be creative, happy, serious or wild, your will leave anyway with your printed photo few seconds later. A photobooth which meet your expectations, both design and chic. The only thing you have to do is to have fun and think about what style of picture you will do next.

Whether for your wedding, birthday, theme party or corporate event, SnapTouch offers a complete photo booth rental, taking form of an interactive touchscreen terminal, allowing you to take selfies and group photos in an original way. Offer a fun photo animation to your guests during your event in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, on the French Rivera or in the Alpes-Maritimes!

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Rent our photo booth now

a photo booth that suits your needs

The SnapTouch photo booth prices fit precisely to your needs, and especially to the lenghth of your event, wedding, birhtday, party or corporate event. No matter the choosen package, an operator is present for installation, animation and uninstallation on site, photo impresions are unlimited, and all your shots will be available free online after the end of your event.



Photo booth rental, unlimited prints, custom design, on-site operator and online gallery




"Basic" photo booth rental, plus a white backdrop/photocall and some fun accessoiries for your guests


Extra hour


SnapTouch photo booth extra hour rental, with its operator and your potential options


A doubt? A custom need?

We adapt our SnapTouch photo booth to all your needs

Good to know! Travel costs from 40 km around Nice are included in our prices (beyond on demand).